Turkish Stretcher Manufacturers and Suppliers

Turkish stretcher, Turkey stretcher manufacturers/suppliers and exporters directory. High quality stretcher from Turkish suppliers, exporters and manufacturer companies in Turkey.

MEYSA TIBBI CIHAZLAR A.S.        Türkiye     Şansel SAĞIR    
s hospital bed, stretchers, hospital furniture, electrical patient bed, manuel patient care bed, stretcher, baby cot, examination couch, over bed table, bedside cabinet, wardrobe, gynecological examination couch, mattress, infusion carrier, medication trolleys, patient bed head units
PROMEK MEDIKAL IC VE DIS TIC. A.S.        Türkiye     Nevzat Toygun DEMİRKOL    
s hospital bed, stretcher, pediatric product, examination couches, blood drawing chair, dialysis chair, patient transport chair, medical product, medical equipment, medical furniture, wooden hospital bed, mechanical hospital bed, emergency stretcher, general purpose stretcher, transfer stretcher, cabinets, examination couch, anesthesia trolley, hospital cabinet
BEHYAR SANAAT SEPAHAN        İran         
s height adjustable stretchers, icu/ccu electric bed, general bed, dialysis chair, icu / ccu bed, stretcher, transfer bed
DUMAN CELIK INC.        Türkiye     Zöhre Özcan    
s hospital furniture, hospital beds, mechanical hospital beds, electrical hospital beds, examination table, stretcher, overbed table, baby beds, child beds, instrument table, bunk, bedside lockers, wheelchair, bed-screen, instrument trolley, dressing trolley, stand for serum
DOLSAN        Türkiye     A.TOLGA URAL    
s stretcher, hospital bed, bed side cabinet, mattress, screen, hospital furniture
DOLSAN MEDIKAL        Türkiye     Zeynep ARIK    
s medical equipment, hospital bed, hospital motorized bed, hospital mechanical bed, hospital furniture, hospital, bed, over bed table, table, bed side cabinet, cabinet, bed side, motorized, motors, furniture, locker, wheelchair, examination couch, examination, step, surgical table, operation table, trolley, screen, medical, chair, handling lift, donor, blood reception chair, abs, baby code, mattress, hospital bed child, armchair, armchair accompaniment, accompaniment, stretcher, stretcher emergency, emergency, drug cabinet, negatoscope, medical furniture, stretcher transport, iv stand, patient bed, patient handling lift, blood donor chair, treatment trolley, hospital bed for child, armchair for accompaniment, patient reception couch, trolley dressing, trolley drug distribution, trolley emergency
ARDIC ECZA LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Gamze MÜDERRİSOĞLU    
s medical, medicine, medicines, medical products, diabetic test strips, medical device, medical devices, pharmaceutical, pharmaceutical warehouse, pharmaceutical warehouses, drug warehouse, drug warehouses, abizol, aceprix, acetylcystein, acnedur, acnelyse, actiq, adeleks, acular, adepiron, advantan, adrimisin, adriblastina, a-ferin, afilta, aggrastat, aftojel, airfix, aklovir, aksef, aktibol-l, alatab, medical equipments, medical equipment, underpad, katater, catheter, catheters, test kit, kits, laboratory consumables, laboratory disposables, surgical sutures, sutures, centrifuge, x ray device, patient monitor, vacuum delivery system, needle, needles and syringes, syringes, wheelchair, hospital furniture, stretcher
INNECIOGLU MEDIKAL        Türkiye         
s medical products, medical equipments, orthopedic products, folding screen, corset, disabled products, disabled equipments, orthopedic slipper, stretcher, respiratory products, respiratory equipments
ORFAMET MOBILYA MEDIKAL LTD. STI.        Türkiye         
s stretchers, stretcher, hospital furniture, hospital equipments, phlebotomy chairs, hospital phlebotomy chairs, medical chairs, hospital chairs, hospital stretcher
DEKOLINE MOBILYA A.S.        Türkiye     Bekir Oğul    
s hospital beds, care beds, stretchers, patient transport chairs, gynaecological examination tables, blood donor chair, dialysis seats, ent chairs, physical therapy and rehabilitation beds, medicine and treatment carts, baby cots, furnitures, hospital furnitures, physical therapy beds, hospital bed, care bed, stretcher, patient transport chair, gynaecological examination table, blood donor chairs, dialysis seat, ent chair, physical therapy and rehabilitation bed, medicine and treatment cart, furniture, hospital furniture, baby cots, physical therapy bed, patient transport chair, baby cot
ALEKSEN ENDUSTRI SAN. TIC. LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Sertel DİKMEN    
s aluminum, handling line, die heater, log heat furnace, quench, die, hot shear, puller, stretcher, ageing oven, extrusion press, log, log loading system, billet, die ring, anodizing plant, scrap balling press, homogenizing oven, commissioning, installation, production, aluminum extrusion, hot saw, finish saw, conveyors, pullers, hot cutting saws, finish cutting saws, die oven, thermic ovens, conveyor, hot cutting saw, finish cutting saw, die ovens, thermic oven, cutting saws, extrusions, aluminium, extrusion, extrusion lines, conveyor lines, heat treatment furnace, honing machines, tension, honing machine, furnaces, furnace, heat treatment furnaces, log cutting, cutting saw, line, conveyor line, honing, eloxal, aluminum extrusion lines, aluminum heat treatment furnaces, eloxal facilities, aluminum slitter machines, shaping presses, homogen ovens, ingot conveyor machines, single pullers, double pullers, log cutting saws, tension lines, tenifer ovens, die heating ovens, extrusion line, aluminum extrusion line, aluminum heat treatment furnace, eloxal facility, aluminum slitter machine, shaping press, homogen oven, ingot conveyor machine, single puller, double puller, log cutting saw, tension line, tenifer oven, die heating oven, slitter, tenifer, salt bath
s patient bed, stretcher, examination table, blood collection seat, serum sack, patient table, shelf, hospital bed, mattress, icu bed, bedside cabinet, overbed table
EVENTUS MEDIKAL LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Tevfik TEMİZ    
s evacuation chair, evacuation chairs, automated external defibrillator, automated external defibrillators, stretchers, strecher, climbing chair, climbing chairs medical accessories, medical equipments, defibrilators, external defibrilators, automated defibrilators, automated external defibrilators, evacuation stretchers, scoop stretchers, vacuum stretchers, basket stretchers, sahara stretchers, patient handling equipments, patient handlding stretchers, stretcher ties, ambulance stretcher ties, victim folding screens, hinge blocks, seats, patient handling seats, medical equipment, defibrilator, external defibrilator, automated, tourism, health tourism, tranfers, hotels, seat, stretcher, tourism services, scoop stretcher, vacuum stretcher, evacuation stretcher, patient handling equipment, automated defibrilator, automated external defibrilator, basket stretcher, sahara stretcher, patient handlding stretcher, stretcher tie, ambulance stretcher tie, victim folding screen, hinge block, patient handling seat
GLADIUS MEDIKAL LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Atilla ÖZMERİÇ    
s hospital bed, hospital furniture, bed, beds, hospital bed, hospital beds, hospital furniture, furniture, furnitures, icu bed, icu beds, four motors bed, four motors beds, four motors hospital bed, four motors hospital beds, two motors bed, two motors beds, two motors hospital bed, two motors hospital beds, three motors bed, three motors beds, three motors hospital bed, three motors hospital beds, patient bed, patient beds, manual bed, manual beds, manual patient bed, manual patient beds, pediatric bed, pediat, stretcher, dialysis chair, mattress, chairs, tables, chair, table, stretchers, operating table, cupboards, overbed table, couch, pediatric beds, overbed tables, transfer chairs, medical furniture, couchs, companion chair, emergency stretcher, operating light, stainless steel equipments, blood donor chair, medical furnitures, crash cart, operation room, emergency stretchers, cleaning carts, icu bed, pediatric patient bed, pediatric patient beds, transfer chair, crash carts, emergency cart, examination couchs, physical table
s splint, multifunctional immobilization splint, thumb splint, wrist splint, velpo bandage, bandages, epicondylitis bandage, cpap, gloves, face masks, sharp and waste containers, compressed gauze, tourniquet, aidbag, military aid bag, first aid kit, collsable handle litter, combat gauze, protection set, stretcher, emergency medical station, lifebox, epicondylitis bandage, multifunctional immobilization splint, velpo bandage, thumb fixed wrist splint, natural burnt cream
ISIK KARDESLER MEDIKAL LTD. STI.        Türkiye         
s electrical bed, mechanical bed, pediatric bed, stretcher, delivery bed, medical carts, hemodialysis, bedside cabinet, examination couch
s sickbed, stretcher, sickbed maintenance, stretcher maintenance, sickbed repairing, stretcher repairing
EMSAL MEDIKAL        Türkiye         
s medical products, foam mattresses, stretcher, examination table, gynecological table, drug cart, ejeter and dinner table, baby cot, folding screen, reflector, washing trolleys, operating room supplies
s hospital furniture, hotel furniture, stretcher, bed, cabinet, bathroom fittings, table, chair, bergere, armchair, tv unit
SUZHOU MINA MEDICAL TECH. CO. LTD.        Çin     Elle Ji    
s hosptial bed, hospital trolley, stretcher, operating table, operating lamp