Turkish Stretchers Manufacturers and Suppliers

Turkish stretchers, Turkey stretchers manufacturers/suppliers and exporters directory. High quality stretchers from Turkish suppliers, exporters and manufacturer companies in Turkey.

MEYSA TIBBI CIHAZLAR A.S.        Türkiye     Şansel SAĞIR    
s hospital bed, stretchers, hospital furniture, electrical patient bed, manuel patient care bed, stretcher, baby cot, examination couch, over bed table, bedside cabinet, wardrobe, gynecological examination couch, mattress, infusion carrier, medication trolleys, patient bed head units
PROMEK MEDIKAL IC VE DIS TIC. A.S.        Türkiye     Nevzat Toygun DEMİRKOL    
s hospital bed, stretcher, pediatric product, examination couches, blood drawing chair, dialysis chair, patient transport chair, medical product, medical equipment, medical furniture, wooden hospital bed, mechanical hospital bed, emergency stretcher, general purpose stretcher, transfer stretcher, cabinets, examination couch, anesthesia trolley, hospital cabinet
OZ-KUR HASTANE VE BURO CIHAZLARI        Türkiye     Özkan Kuruç    
s medical furniture, hospital general hardware, patient bed motor, manual patient bed, patient transport stretcher, shelf dining table, stainless steel locker, dining table, stretchers, exam table, drug treatment tables, dressing tables, stainless steel materials
HITAS ORTOPEDI URUNLERI LTD. STI.        Türkiye         
s attucho emergency, bags, burns, cabinets, diagnostics, hitas orthopaedic products, instruments, reanimation, rehabilitation products, rescue products, resuscitation, splints, stretchers, suction, transfer, transfer
OMUR MEDIKAL        Türkiye         
s hospital furniture, medical products, medical equipments, medical supplies, medical disposables, folding screen, medical waste bin, hospital trolleys, hospital cabinets, nursery uniforms, surgeon aprons, veterinary equipments, stretchers, hospital beds
ORFAMET MOBILYA MEDIKAL LTD. STI.        Türkiye         
s stretchers, stretcher, hospital furniture, hospital equipments, phlebotomy chairs, hospital phlebotomy chairs, medical chairs, hospital chairs, hospital stretcher
DEVAL MEDIKAL        Türkiye     Deval Medikal    
s blood collection chair, changing tab, clinical examination tables, cot beds, drawers, examination couch, examination tables, gynecological tables, hastane ekipm, hospital bassinet, hospital beds, hospital equipment, hospital fixtures, hospital furniture, medical equipment, medical products, patient care products, patient dining tables, stretchers, three adjustable mechanical hospital beds, tool table, transport chair, two motor hospital beds, washing the car, wheelchairs
KAYA SAFETY        Türkiye         
s ascenders, eye protectors, face mask, hand protectors, harnesses, head and face protectors, helmets, life lines, lifting equipments, personal protective equipments, pulleys, respiratory protective mask, ropes, safety equipments, safety nets, safety supplies, stretchers
DEKOLINE MOBILYA A.S.        Türkiye     Bekir Oğul    
s hospital beds, care beds, stretchers, patient transport chairs, gynaecological examination tables, blood donor chair, dialysis seats, ent chairs, physical therapy and rehabilitation beds, medicine and treatment carts, baby cots, furnitures, hospital furnitures, physical therapy beds, hospital bed, care bed, stretcher, patient transport chair, gynaecological examination table, blood donor chairs, dialysis seat, ent chair, physical therapy and rehabilitation bed, medicine and treatment cart, furniture, hospital furniture, baby cots, physical therapy bed, patient transport chair, baby cot
YENI ANADOLU AMBULANS IMALAT LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Hayati Alsancak    
s ambulances, stretchers, mobile clinics, armoured vehicles, commercial vehicles, mobile dental clinics, mobile hospitals, disinfection tunnels, medical devices, mobile command control vehicle, ambulance equipments, ambulance, disinfection, disinfection systems, disinfection products, disinfection system, surface disinfection products, disinfection equipments, disinfection machines, disinfection device, medical disinfection systems, medical disinfection equipments, disinfection cabines, vehicle disinfection, vehicle disinfection machine, disinfection port services
s medical equipments, medical devices, radiology equipments, stretchers, radiology devices, cr systems, digital upgrade, digital x-ray, fluoroscopic stomach tables, conventional x-ray, mammography, automatic bathroom devices, pacs systems, mobile c -arm devices, portable x-ray devices, vertical stands, radiology accessories, x-ray grids, id cameras, ultrasound gels, ultrasound paper, x-ray equipment, x-ray devices, medical consumables, hospital furniture, medical mattress, dining tables, fans, medical equipment, pediatric beds, examination tables, nightstands, doctor hand washing units, ultrasound devices, infusion pump, negatoscope, lead glasses, electrocautery, closets, wheelchairs, x-ray films, nebulizers, pendants, laboratory systems, complete turnkey hospital equipments, darkroom lamps, lead protective clothing, lead radiation shields, dry system printer, x-ray tables, bath solutions, cassettes and screens, operating equipments, operating devices, operating supplies, intensive care equipment, intensive care devices, operating room equipments, hospital fixtures, medical systems, mammography systems, bone densitometers, radiology consumables and accessories, intensive care units, surgical operation tables, obstetrics and gynecology tables, anesthesia devices, argon plasma device, vein closing devices, heart and lung pumps, flash autoclave, automatic turniquet, surgical stools, led surgical lamps, halogen surgical lamps, insentive care unit beds, patient monitors, stainless steel operating room equipment, cap mask bonnet cabinet, drug cabinet, anesthesia carts, serum hangers, clothes collection carts, medical waste carts, operating room transfer stretchers, manual patient room beds, electromotor controlled patient room beds, patient room beds, baby beds, baby incubators, attendant chairs, patient room staff, folding screens, hospital cleaning and hygiene carts, medical waste bins, ent chairs and units, stethoscopes, eeg and emg devices, bio microscopes
s hospital bed, hospital beds, over bed tables, over bed table, drug car, emergency car, drug cars, emergency cars, stretchers, patient transfer chairs, patient transfer chair, examinition couches, blood donor chairs, blood donor chair, housekeeping, baby bed, child bed, delivery chair with motor, gynecologic examination couches, baby cot, icu bed
EVENTUS MEDIKAL LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Tevfik TEMİZ    
s evacuation chair, evacuation chairs, automated external defibrillator, automated external defibrillators, stretchers, strecher, climbing chair, climbing chairs medical accessories, medical equipments, defibrilators, external defibrilators, automated defibrilators, automated external defibrilators, evacuation stretchers, scoop stretchers, vacuum stretchers, basket stretchers, sahara stretchers, patient handling equipments, patient handlding stretchers, stretcher ties, ambulance stretcher ties, victim folding screens, hinge blocks, seats, patient handling seats, medical equipment, defibrilator, external defibrilator, automated, tourism, health tourism, tranfers, hotels, seat, stretcher, tourism services, scoop stretcher, vacuum stretcher, evacuation stretcher, patient handling equipment, automated defibrilator, automated external defibrilator, basket stretcher, sahara stretcher, patient handlding stretcher, stretcher tie, ambulance stretcher tie, victim folding screen, hinge block, patient handling seat
GLADIUS MEDIKAL LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Atilla ÖZMERİÇ    
s hospital bed, hospital furniture, bed, beds, hospital bed, hospital beds, hospital furniture, furniture, furnitures, icu bed, icu beds, four motors bed, four motors beds, four motors hospital bed, four motors hospital beds, two motors bed, two motors beds, two motors hospital bed, two motors hospital beds, three motors bed, three motors beds, three motors hospital bed, three motors hospital beds, patient bed, patient beds, manual bed, manual beds, manual patient bed, manual patient beds, pediatric bed, pediat, stretcher, dialysis chair, mattress, chairs, tables, chair, table, stretchers, operating table, cupboards, overbed table, couch, pediatric beds, overbed tables, transfer chairs, medical furniture, couchs, companion chair, emergency stretcher, operating light, stainless steel equipments, blood donor chair, medical furnitures, crash cart, operation room, emergency stretchers, cleaning carts, icu bed, pediatric patient bed, pediatric patient beds, transfer chair, crash carts, emergency cart, examination couchs, physical table
PIEDA AYAKKABI TIC. LTD. STI.        Türkiye         
s hospital beds, over bed tables, bed side cabinets, stretchers, patient transfer chairs, drug cars, emergency cars, blood donor chairs, delivery chair with motor
s ambulance, mobile clinic, stretchers, medical devices, dental health vehicle, mobile labotatory, surgery trailer, cpr device, vacuum aspirator, syringe pump, oxygen system, infusion pump, emergency kits, basic medical material cases, emergency birth set
s beds and, mattresses, infant cot, pediatric beds and examination tables, stretchers, rescue and first aid equipment, gynaecology and phlebotomy, examination, massage table, screen, steps, medicine trolleys, emergency trolleys, instrument and dressing trolleys, port basin, mayo table, overbed table and bedstand, iv stand, examination lamp, tube trolley, paraffin boiler, negatoscope and laundry trolleys, cabinets, stainless and operating room equipment, wheelchairs, office and seating group, emergency trolleys
s examination table, stretchers, medical tables, device and dressing trolleys, negataskops, first-aid kits, physics-therapy materials, metalwork
PROMA MEDIKAL LTD. STI.        Türkiye         
s electrical beds, mechanical beds, stretchers, mattresses, pediatric beds, baby cotes, attendant couches, bedside cabinets, overbed tables, gynecology couch, chairs, examination couches, medicine and crash carts, hospital equipments, waiting couches, stainless steel hospital equipments
Medikal 2000        Türkiye     mustafa çimen    
s icu bed, hospital bed, stretchers, cabinets, overbed table